Books I’m reading and loving!

Book 1). Five stars for Well Fed 2, the sequel I’ve been waiting for! Mel’s first book Well Fed was the book that started the whole paleo- primal journey for me. I was already gluten free, but had trouble going grain free. Then I discovered Mel’s site and cook book. Every recipe was mouth watering, and only to be surpassed by her second book Well Fed 2. This is a paleo, culinary masterpiece!  To purchase or download a free sample link  below:

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Book 2. Low Carbing Among Friends:

an amazing collection of low carb and gluten free recipes by all your favorite low carb bloggers: Where to buy

low carbing among friends


Book 3) The Paleo Foodie: Great collection of savory, gourmet paleo recipes:

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Book 4) The Aging Solution: A favorite DIY Natural beauty collection book:

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Book 5) Thirty Five DIY Beauty Recipes to Use Everyday: Homemade Mommy’s guide to natural skincare:

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