Grain Free Stuffed Pizza Bread

Grain Free Stuffed Pizza Bread , primal, low carb /

   Grain Free Stuffed Pizza Bread is primal and low carb with paleo options.  I love pizza, and spent many years avoiding it because I was always on a low-fat diet. Then I spent a few years avoiding it, because of the gluten and high carb count. So, this is why I keep making so… 

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Chile Verde Cream Quiches

Chile Verde Cream Quiches, primal, low carb and paleo /

   Chile Verde Cream Mini Quiches are crust free, grain free, primal, low carb and have a paleo, dairy free option. These are almost carb free (0.5 net carbs per mini quiche). I made these for brunch with pretty much left overs I had in the fridge.  And was so happy with the outcome, especially… 

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Paleo Pizza Eyeball Snacks

Pizza Eyeball Snacks/

These are some easy, fast, grain free, low carb, Halloween pizza snacks.These snacks taste so much like pizza, and have become a favorite snack for my kids and myself. These are virtually carb-free per serving! Paleo Pizza Eyeball Snacks   Save Print Fun, easy, grain free, low carb, paleo, Halloween snacking! Author: Stacey Recipe type:… 

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Low Carb Cajun Cauliflower Mini Dogs

Low Carb Cajun Cauliflower Mini Sausages, grain free /

  Low Carb Cajun Cauliflower Mini Dogs are a wonderful, primal, kid friendly, game day snack, lunch or appetizer. The kids loved them and they are not very spicy, just subtle Cajun spices. You could definitely kick up the spices or tone them down, all depending on your spicy meter. I dipped mine in red… 

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Grain Free Egg And Bacon Bites

Grain Free Egg and Bacon Bites /

I wanted to make an appetizer with hard boiled eggs, but I didn’t have time to make scotch eggs. I decided to slice them in bite size slices, then dip them into an egg wash, and coat them in grain free breading. Next, I baked them in the oven, turning once, until browned. Then I… 

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