Royal Jelly and its Amazing Skin and Health Benefits

Royal Jelly and it's Amazing Skin and Health Benefits /

 Royal Jelly: The Fountain of Youth for Skin and Health.

Royal jelly and its amazing skin and health benefits. My very favorite anti –aging, moisturizing, healing, nutrient for the skin is Royal Jelly. The miraculous benefits of royal jelly have been used by many cultures for years. Its skin healing powers have been used for many different ailments. I am completely amazed at how much royal jelly has improved my skin. This is why there are many expensive skin care lines that include royal jelly in their ingredients and also why people take royal jelly supplements. This is the Royal Jelly Supplement that I use. Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used to nourish larvae and the adult queen bees. Royal Jelly  Contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, natural antibiotic properties, and antibacterial properties. Royal jelly is known for its anti- aging, cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibiotic components, and antibacterial agents. It is a great, nutrient dense supplement to take as well as a healing, anti-aging, skin cream. I have sensitive, dry, but acne and rash prone skin and my royal jelly moisturizer has really helped with all my skin issues. This is the Royal Jelly Moisturizer I use. It has even diminished fine lines and healed sores, cuts, and blemishes. Here is a quick list of the benefits of Royal Jelly for skin and health:

  1. Anti-aging and wrinkle reducer
  2. Skin and wound healing properties (heals acne, scars, cuts, and wounds)
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Antibiotic components
  5. Cholesterol-lowering
  6. Antibacterial agents
  7. Contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and enzymes.

Royal Jelly and it's amazing skin and Health Benefits /

*warning: if you have any bee product allergies, you may want consult with a physician before using any bee related products*



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      Monica, that is where I first learned of royal jelly. My Mom went to a Jafra party at our neighbors house in the late 70’s. I have not seen Jafra products in years. I remember how awesome they were.

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      Dawn, the capsules are for swallowing as a supplement for healthly skin. The Royal Bee healing cream in the article is for use directly on the skin.
      ~ Stacey

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